Category: Advertising & Promotions

  • Fleet Council Vacancy

    2 December 2020
    Director of Web Services Programmer (noun.) – A person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have, in a…
  • Open Spot in Task Force 72 Command?

    24 November 2020
    "NEWLY MINTED REAR ADMIRAL SEEKS NUMBER 1 TO FILL VOID LEFT BY FORMER" Life has had a whirlwind of activity…
  • Communication Report – October 2020

    15 November 2020
    Ch…ch…changes… As some of you know I was always going to be leaving the comms role eventually once both JFC…
  • Nomination November

    12 November 2020
    Nominations are now open for 2020’s Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Character of the year which celebrates the hard work…
  • Gold Quarter 3 Unit Of Merit Voting

    11 November 2020
    Good Morning Everyone As was announced back in November 2018 Unit Of Merits were changed to reward quality and ships that are…
  • Communication Report – September 2020

    17 October 2020
    Happy nearly Halloween! Normally this time of year we have a competition but this year it was decided to not…
  • Unit Of Merits – August 2020

    22 September 2020
    Task Force 47 You all know I don’t often give these out. In fact, some people probably think I’m kind…
  • Unit Of Merit Awards

    19 August 2020
    What a better was to announce my 100th news item than to give out some well deserved images. Congratulations all.
  • Saturday 1st August – Obsidian Day

    30 July 2020
    This Saturday is our fourth annual Obsidian Day and Obsidian Fleet’s 19th Birthday. We thought we would give you a…
  • Communication Report – June 2020

    14 July 2020
    Another month here and gone and how can the year be well over half over? Happy Tribble Tuesday as well.…