Category: Departmental News

  • Task Force 47 – July 2023 Report

    27 August 2023
    Task Force 47, Obsidian Fleet's innovative Task Force, is not your typical Trek simulation. With games like Power Rangers and…
  • Task Force 29 – July 2023 Report

    26 August 2023
    Experience Task Force's Star Trek simulations, exploring space, time, eras, and captivating fans with unique stories.
  • Obsidian Day Awards Part 5

    16 August 2023
    Superpowered individuals battle a formidable enemy in XMen Avalon - The Quantum Knights, an action-packed post showcasing unique abilities and…
  • Obsidian Day Awards 2023 Part 4

    15 August 2023
    Another day another set of amazing nominations. Enjoy seeing what has been written about yourselves, it is well deserved. There…
  • Communication Report July 2023

    13 August 2023
    Join our thriving Game Masters community. Stay updated with rebranding, new events, Discord leaderboard, and expanding social media presence.
  • Obsidian Day Awards Part 3

    10 August 2023
    Explore the SS Mary Rose, a limitless world of storytelling. Join us for a rewarding Star Trek experience with unique…
  • Obsidian Day Awards Part 2

    9 August 2023
    Explore character storytelling in the USS Athena series. Unforgettable narratives with Lt. Didrea Zade's journey and Becca's unique characters.
  • Obsidian Day Awards Part 1

    6 August 2023
    First of many many news items from me.... and I get to use the new branding for the first time. …
  • Task Force 72 June Report

    24 July 2023
    Hello all!  First of all, my apologies for missing last month. It has been a chaotic couple of months in…
  • Communication Report June 2023

    20 July 2023
    Discover what's happening in Obsidian Fleet's communities team this month. Take part in our survey, join our Discord, follow our…