Task Force 47 Report March 2018

Is it really that time again? Guys, where is the year going? Damn it man, I’m a Task Force CO, not a time traveller! Now that my obligatory joke, this one being a bit more Trek inspired than normal, is done, let’s get to the actual report, shall we? So, by now you know the […]

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Task Force 47 Report – February 2018

Okay, seriously, where is this year going? It feels like only yesterday I was throwing out New Years messages, and now we’re nearly a quarter of the way in! But I’m rambling. This month is going to be a load of stuff and just a general summary really. You know the layout by now; 1. […]

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Task Force 47 January 2018 Report

Right, another month down, the first of 2018, no less. This month, we’ve seen the departure of a TGCO so it’s been a little hectic. However, we’re working on it. This month’s report will be structured as follows; 1. Introduction 2. Summary 3. Awards 4. Conclusion 5. Open Positions So, yeah, as stated above, we’ve […]

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Task Force 47 New Year Report

1. Introduction Happy new year! Yes, I know I’m late off the mark on that, but it felt wrong not to begin the first Task Force report of the year with any other words. So I went with what’s right. Now, this report will be a brief one. Sort of a sum up of everything, […]

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USS Valkyrie Commanding Officer Killed In Action

Commander Charles Kincaid of the USS Valkyrie has been killed in the line of duty.   The Valkyrie was conducting initial negotiations on the planet Davos Prime, a newly warp capable world near the border with the Breen Confederacy. The diplomatic process was complicated initially when the Valkyrie’s science officer, Lieutenant Rafan Kel, was hailed […]

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Task Force 47 Report November 2017

Another month, another week, another day, another bar of gold pressed latinum. This month is my third in command of the Task Force of hopefully very many more. It’s been a fun few months and I don’t intend for the fun to stop anytime soon! Now, this month’s report will consist of four sections: 1. […]

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Wedding on the USS Sarek-A

While on holidays on Tropicana, the captain of the USS Sarek-A, and her executive officer deemed it finally time to take their long-time relationship to the next level. Following a string of unhappy and dire events for the Sarek, they believed a party would be good for the crew’s morale and so, why not have […]

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Promotions, Tranfers and… Other Stuff

Hey hey hey! So, it’s your friendly neighbourhood TF47 TFCO here, and I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all, I’m extremely happy and proud to announce that Task Force 47 now has a Task Force XO! After some discussions, secret meetings, and a candlelit, robed swearing in ceremony involving Romulan Ale, […]

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October 2017 Unit of Merit Award Winners

There are four great Unit of Merit award winners from our most recent TF47 and TF72 reports. Let’s give them all a big pat on the back for doing so well!   “I and the crew are beyond words in receiving this award. While I may be the CO of the sim, I can not […]

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Disaster Averted on Deep Space 12

Deep Space 12, Starfleet’s newest station near the Breen border, has survived a suspected attack thanks to the intervention of the USS Valkyrie.   The STC Galloway, a civilian freighter and the headquarters of the Sorensen Reading Corporation, found itself unable to drop out of warp, or alter their intercept course for the station. The […]

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