Task Force 47 July 2018 Report

It’s August. I don’t like this. The year is getting away from me. And it’s only two weeks until my Sister’s Birthday and I haven’t got her a card! One half of that last sentence is a lie. Can you guess which one? So, this month has been another pretty calm one. Which is good. […]

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USS Valkyrie Rescues Interdimensional Refugee

The USS Valkyrie has successfully made first contact with an unusual spaceborne alien from another Universe.   The creature, known as Nomad, emerged from a rift in the vicinity of the USS Tower Bridge, and unleashed an energy pulse which disabled the Akira Class starship. It then took flight towards a nearby asteroid field. After […]

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Task Force 47 June 2018 Report

Well, I’d like to begin by congratulating Commodore Farragut on beating me to the punch with reports this month. Don’t get used to it, Greg, I fully intend to take back my throne next month. But in all seriousness, well done mate. Now that my traditional bad pun is dispensed with, let’s get into it, […]

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Starbase 442 to Host Diplomatic Dinner for New Mission Start

Today FNS was invited to a very special event.  Starbase 442, located on the edge of charted space at the galactic eastern edge of Obsidian Fleet’s patrol zone, is hosting a diplomatic dinner as a part of a week long send off for the USS Belak.  The Belak was built by Starfleet and will be […]

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Auspicious Occasion on USS Pioneer!

Today we are on board the USS Pioneer for a very special ceremony. The Pioneer Commanding Officer has just been awarded the rank of Captain! This is an auspicious occasion for any officer and the FNN were there to see it. We asked Captain Malbrooke how he felt about his recent promotion. Capt. Malbrooke stated, […]

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Task Force 47 Report Adendum

So, I know what you’re thinking. A report addendum already? I know it’s what I’m thinking, however, I thought this addendum needed throwing out there. It’s a two part memo for you all, part of which I’ve already announced. Specifically, the second part. The first part, however, is extremely important. It gives me great pride […]

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Task Force 72 – May 2018 Report

Late to the game as usual, the Task Force 72 report arrives from rain-soaked Portland, Oregon ready to deliver the good news. As my counterpart in 47 noted, this was a big month of change for all of us here: GDPR. While it was a great deal of adjustment for all of us, I’m glad […]

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Task Force 47 May 2018 Report

So, what did we do this month? GDPR. GDPR. GDPR. Oh, did I mention GDPR? Wait, what? There are other things? Since when? I thought all things were GDPR! Kidding aside, this month we’ve basically just weathered the course as best we can. Thus far, we have all sims posting their privacy policy on their […]

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Task Force 47 April Report

So, we’re going into May now. Will this year just slow down already?! It’s becoming a joke. So, this month we’ve had departures, promotions and other stuff. But I’ll get to that in due course. I won’t lie, this report will be short and sweet. Less of my usual anecdotal punning. I’d rather get it […]

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Task Force 47 New Staff Appointment

So, this is a little announcement. It won’t be long. However, it needs saying so everyone is aware. As you all know, three months ago, Captain Santiago Vela left his roles of Commanding Officer of the Nagasaki and Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group 47-C. He has been sorely missed and will continue to […]

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