Game Master: njessa-azjure
Star Trek – Prime Timeline
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Play-by-Web (IFS3)

Game Ratings

Language: “Swearing and mature language permitted with some limits
Sexual Content: Sexual content may be described in detail
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

Motto (translated from Andorian): To see the stars is to see the future.

As Starfleet continues to rebuild, especially by bringing the new Inquiry-class ship on-line so quickly, a problem in finding sufficient experienced crew is occurring, even with the latest generation holograms there is still a need for people in the decision-making loop.

The USS Tanjura, named after an Adorian early starflight explorer, is one attempt to help overcome that bottleneck, crewed by recent Academy graduates (and possibly even some cadets), reservists lured back into service, transfers from the civilian fleet and even a few officers whose records have left them seeking redemption.  Can this experiment work and help forge a new generation of Starfleet officers?  Or is it another Federation idea filled with good intentions and doomed to failure?

Join this ship if:

  • You are interested in exploring the foibles and potential of the new Inquiry-class ships.  Things will go wrong and we will have to sort them out, usually in the middle of other things happening!
  • You want to play with a range of crew from across the Federation, from newly assigned Cadets on their first cruise to old hands brought back into duty from the reserve, newly transferred civilians and officers one mistake away from being drummed out of service.
  • You want to explore a new corner of space that we will jointly create within this framework:

Ashes of the Final War

As settlers and explorers move into [sector x by y] they are increasingly running into the remnants of the Final War that took place more than a millennium ago, a highly destructive conflict between the militant technologists of Noraxia (the Noraxians) and the Lohalian Dynasties, a much larger but less technically advanced civilization.

The Lohalians won the war in that they destroyed the Noraxians but it cost them their technological base as the Noraxians unleashed their vast arsenal of doomsday weapons in retaliation.  In the aftermath, the Lothalains reverted to a prewarp civilization of isolated worlds some of whom are now returning to space for the first time in centuries.

For hundreds of years, no one was willing to risk their ships in this area as there were too many horribly destructive weapons still active.  But time has rendered the area safer, there are habitable worlds to settle, attracting settlers from the Federation and refugees from all over, Orion, Romulan and Cardassian agents hoping to recover lost wonder-weapons, Vulcan archaeologists, Ferengi and free traders.  Anything could happen and it will be our job to try and keep it from being anything terrible.

There are several plotlines I have in mind to get us started on our way but I want to work with the crew to develop storylines that interest you and engage your characters.  Let us explore the galaxy together!

Application form here:

Currently recruiting for several positions (Department Heads for Engineering, Medical, and Security/Tactical are filled).

We will be using the IFS System here on Obsidian Fleet for final posts and organizing such posts through Discord discussion and google docs.

Crew Manifest - USS Tanjura

Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Science Officer
Chief Engineer
Flight Control Officer (SC)
Lieutenant, junior grade
Chief Medical Officer
Head Nurse (SC)
Lieutenant, junior grade
Communications Officer (SC)
Engineering (SC)
Science (SC)
Flight Control
Lieutenant, junior grade
Chief Science Officer

Game Updates

Off and away! Still seeking crew.

The Tanjura is off on her first cruise and things have gone wrong in best Trek tradition.  Still time to get in on the action.

We currently have:

Security/Tactical Chief

Chief Science Officer and Science Officer

Chief Engineer

Chief Medical Officer


Chief of Flight Control


2023-10-28 00:00
Our Supporting Cast

The following characters have been established as Supporting Cast to be used as needed for Tanjura posts.  [Created by and primary controller of.]

Flight Control Officer Lt. (jg) Roj Dylft, Andorian with a need for speed.  [Njessa Ajzure]

Head Nurse Lt (jg) Bowi Chyne, Andorian, competent and caring nurse.  [Njessa Ajzure]

Communications Officer Ensign Irij Savoi, Andorian with a knack for languages.  [Njessa Azure]

Operations Officer V’Rea, a skilled Vulcan with political views that do not align with the official Vulcan position.  [En’ves]


If you wish to use a member of the supporting cast for more than a cameo, please contact their creator.

2023-10-28 00:00
Far from home

A disastrous warp field/quantum has flung the Tanjura deep into the Lothalian sector, which was their eventual goal, and has damaged their dilithium crystals.  It will be a challenge to get home with a minimal crew but they are Starfleet and will do their best.

We have managed some repairs and have made it to a Ferengi-run trading post where we hope to make repairs and acquire more dilithium.


Still seeking crew, happy to work with people to fit you into the current storyline.


Also, added ship rules to our discord.

2023-11-26 13:00